Philips New Series 3000 Wet or Dry Men’s Electric Shaver with A 5D Pivot & Powercut Blades, Shiny Black -S3233/52: Health & Personal Care

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Enjoy a clean shave that follows your face’s contours with 5-directional pivot, flex and floating movements. The Philips Series 3000 wet or dry Men’s electric shaver has self-sharpening blades that are precision engineered for a convenient clean shave.

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Shaver. Travel pouch. Protective cap. User manual. Guarantee.

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S3233/52, S3580/06

10 reviews for Philips New Series 3000 Wet or Dry Men’s Electric Shaver with A 5D Pivot & Powercut Blades, Shiny Black -S3233/52: Health & Personal Care

  1. R. C. Lobo

    After buying a fancy Philips Shaver series 5000 I was completely disappointed. After shaving there was a lot of unshaved stubble, it took for ages and my skin ended up red and sore. I’ve been using Philips shavers all my life and I was both surprised and frustrated with this shaver lack of performance.I returned it, thanks amazon for the hassle free experience, and I bought this one, very similar to my old one, a HQ 7310 series 7000, and what a difference.This one is as good as my old one, quick, no sore skin, as it has to be. I have a beard like the guys from the film 300, and this shaver leaves my face smooth like a baby.I recommend this product, very happy with this purchase.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have had this for a while now. First up, let me say that I cannot say how well it shaves the face as I use it purely for a head shave and my review is based purely on that.I have previously used a Panasonic which cost about four times as much as this Philips, but the foil needed replacing which cost about the same as this. I had tried a cheap Chinese Philips copy but returned it instantly. This was my last chance before buying a new foil.On first switch on the motor was obviously not as powerful as my old Panasonic, so I was sceptical. I used it dry for the first time and it was ok, but nothing special and not as good as I was used to. I then used it with clear gel and I have to say that I love the results! It probably takes s minute longer than my premium Panny, but it is easier to use and cleaning is just so simple….a tap!The shave is smooth and irritation free.I wish it had some sort of battery indicator so I could see what sort of charge is left, but other than that…’s great for a head shave.

  3. DJE

    I needed to replace my old Philishave as the headframe had failed and spare parts had been discontinued for that model. I basically wanted exactly the same again. I was tempted by the higher spec ranges, but some of the reviews were unfavourable. Lo and behold, this 3000 series model is a whole lot cheaper than the newer, higher series numbers, but it is just what I was looking for. So, I got what I wanted and saved money!!!

  4. One World

    Writing this Review after 2 weeks ownership.By no stretch of the imagination is this shaver worth even HALF the stated recommended retail price of £110. I got mine here for £35 which I consider very reasonable so I’m not going to be too critical.Pros: Works well on my face even though I have a fairly difficult beard and operates quietly.Some cons:1) Charging time is quite long compared to more expensive models. I think battery performance is what really determines the price of these shavers. Fast charge batteries will drive up the price.2) Being wet and dry it won’t work while plugged in.3) No soft carry bag and not even cleaning brush supplied Again, any criticism is tempered by the relatively low price I paid. I like the shape and feel of the razor and it gives a satisfactory shave so I’m not going to deduct any stars.

  5. M. Fairman

    I purchased this to replace one that was seven years old. It worked perfectly and the batteries lasted forever, would charge it once every two months, if that. But the rubber grip was going so replaced it.This shaver gives a really smooth shave. Quite as well. The design has been around for a long time but it works and it works very well. However the internal battery died after 13 months, had to be charged weekly and then with each use. Not happy I contacted Philips who explained it had a two year warranty so they would repair it. They sent by e mail a return label. Dropped it off at the post office on the Tuesday, they e mailed to say they got it the next day, Thursday e mail to tell me it was repaired and on its way back, and Parcel Force are now going to drop it off to me at 10-11am this Friday morning. I cannot imagine better customer service. Excellent. I imagine this battery will last longer. I hope so. But I won’t knock any stars off as batteries can do this and with Philips providing such a fast turn around then I feel they could not have done better.I did buy a Remington as a back up for £50. It’s loud, it feels like a lawn mower going over my face and it doesn’t cut as closely as the Philips. Also takes longer but that could be more to do with the fact it is a different system and I might just need to get used to it. It’s larger as well. Makes a difference if travelling.I do miss the old one, the batteries had a better life between each charge, but the grip was falling to pieces so it had a very long run.

  6. Mr. Neil Barker

    Over the years I have had a few electric shavers and none has lasted more than two weeks as I couldn’t put up with the poor results. I specifically bought this product as I am a baldy. Wet shaves were leaving me uncomfortable so whilst browsing I came across this shaver at a very good price. Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead fully expecting to return it within a week.Not so. It was extremely comfortable to use on my head and gave more than acceptable results and my head is not nearly so sore as it has been recently, I fact not sore at all. Facial shave was also good. Using it wet seems odd, but, gives as good a shave as a wet razor in my opinion. Just recently I have been underwhelmed by a lot of products, probably due to inflated reviews, and sent lots of products back. Not this one look forward every time to using it, honest. If you are considering an electric I can highly recommend this great value product.

  7. Jeremy Prior

    This product leaves me hard pushed to find anything to criticize it for. It’s all good news. I unpacked it and immediately noticed the charger has a two pin plug so that means it can be charged up in the bathroom on the shaver socket.Second bonus was that the charge takes just 1 hour. The flashing light alternates green and amber during charging and flashes just green when nearly charged and finally steady green light when fully charged. Good logic there then.Run time is quoted as 50 minutes which considering this shaver shaves quickly should mean at least 10 days use before needing another 1 hour charge. That’s a good advance even on shavers sold 4 years ago. Some other models in the range take 8 hours but this 3000 series takes an hour. The heads and cutters need careful cleaning if dismantling the blades from the rotary foils – but another bonus comes in the way it can be cleaned just by running the opened head under the tap. I would dry it out before re using so it can go on a shelf above a radiator for that.Having experienced a cheaper copy of this Philishave that was truly awful this really did tell me how you get what you pay for and to stick to the known well reviewed products – they are long term cheaper and more reliable.I can think of two things that could be improved – a user leaflet that isn’t all diagram cartoon based! It says nothing about the amber and green lights on the shaver when charging. Second thing was it seemed surprising the box didn’t contain a cleaning brush – but I have about five of those over the last 40 years that still work well. So there’s my report – a superb shaver closer shaving than a foil type and hopefully will be long lived. I also liked the trimmer facility as a pop up on the back of the shaver. It’s all good news. I had thought that Phillips made these in the far east but on the razor it clearly states embossed on the back, “Made in Netherlands” They’ve been making razors there for over 60 years. Need I say more?

  8. Lord Hackwood

    Excellent shave. I have tried other makes, one even had the fashionable 3 D head, it pulled the hairs out rather than cutting. This shaver has all you need quick charge, long shave time and you can exert a little presure to get really close. the trimmer works well too. I’m still using a similar model by Phillips I bought on Amazon about 5 years ago, it’s in my holiday bag and still shaves well.

  9. Mr Kam

    My old shaver died on me two days ago. So again I decided to use good old reliable Philips shaver. Yet again I’m not disappointed this is exactly perfect product. Normally it took me 20 minutes to shave my head with my new shaver it took me literary 8 minutes! I compared prices online and found it cheaper on Amazon! This very same shaver is £88.00 at big retail store so I saved £33.00 which I am very proud of. Lol

  10. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Series 3000 is complete entry level in regards to Philips shavers. I thought about buying one from series 5000 that was Star Wars themed, because I actually tried it at my friends house. Then I saw a review from Anazon verified reviewer that actually bought this shaver and owned above mentioned Star Wars series 5000 one and one from elite series 9000. He concluded the same as I did. This shaver actually outperformed SW series 5000 one in shave quality and battery life. He actually put it just a tad below his personal series 9000, and that was more than enough for me. I can shave under shower, in car while in commute (not while driving), or at home watching TV or behind computer which is most of the time. The shave is clean and smooth, or as smooth as a shave can be with an electric shaver, and it’s a lot quieter than I expected. No irritated skin afterwards and clean cut looking face. If you work out a great lather with a brush and then shave with it, you come pretty close to cartridge shaver shave. Again, it will never be as clean as straight razor at your barber. But that’s not its job. Its job/quality lies in practical shaving. No fuss no muss. You do it on the go, or in the shower, wherever and whenever without any preparations. After use, you just fully rinse it off with cold water and the shaver is back to ‘new’. Replaceable blades go for about 30€, and you can replace them yourself with ease after about two years (depends on your thickness of beard). I’m really happy I bought this one and didn’t spend hundreds more on not much more quality. And I’m never ever going back to straight razor/cartridge razors.

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