Slogging away at 6.52am Sunday

Thinking of hitting the 24 hour down the road, 5 minutes away at this time in the morning, hot danishes and a cold can of lucozade x2.

I bought and registered by emailing the domain reg company my passport with my name.

I brought back back up online and bought a hosting package which can host aswell.  And any other domain with permission.

I installed the WordPress client Install in the CPanel and then I installed 2 wordpress themes called Arcade Basic and OneTone onto my site called to test later for my other site, which is the one I will use for my college project.

I added the domain under as a sub-domain ( I Think).

I am learning a new language, I understand some but there is so much to learn behind the screen and into code land!

I tried to login to by FTP but not able, sent an email to letshost for help!

This kept me going!

Beyond the Donald Trump Prophecy of 2017 with Peter Kling

Regards and blessings,

Rev David T Keane.